ResponseCRM Unveils Revolutionary Cross Sell Network

May 21 2016

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ResponseCRM, A Next Generation Enterprise CRM Software Company, Implements Innovative Cross-Sell Network Technology for Cross Competitor, Commission Based Collaboration.

ResponseCRM, a global leader in the enterprise CRM Saas, direct response marketing automation, e-commerce solutions, and merchant account service industries has recently announced that they have been secretly working on what they described as a “Game Changer” within the e-commerce industries.

As of today, all of their hard work has finally paid off. ResponseCRM, a premier provider of Enterprise CRM and Advanced Direct Marketing Automation Saas, has recently added and integrated a revolutionary cross-sell network to creatively bridge the client and industry competitor gap by offering an extremely targeted and relevant result driven upsell platform. This intuitive cross-sell network works by displaying industry competitor related products to customers while they are in the final product purchase and check out processes, offering each advertiser a commission on any competitor cross-sell completed by the advertisers customers during the checkout processes. This innovative system allows ResponseCRM’s clients to seamlessly work hand in hand with their related industry competitors to ultimately provide a streamlined consumer buying experience while maximizing profitability through this revolutionary platform.

Commission Based Competitor Collaboration

This type of competitor collaboration marketing technology has just recently started to be used by Fortune 500 companies, sophisticated travel websites, large scale e-commerce driven websites, and other well-known multiple industry brands. ResponseCRM’s cross-sell network works by providing a digital marketing handshake between two advertisers that allow one advertiser to sell it’s products in a complementary environment via another advertisers customers in a post-transaction environment.

ResponseCRM reportedly made the heavy investment and secretly started testing and honing their new network with clients so that they could provide their own version of this enterprise solution to other small, midsize businesses, and large corporations, allowing them to be able leverage the same cutting-edge technology as big-budget companies along with their other Enterprise CRM, direct marketing automation, and PCI1 Compliant merchant account service solutions.

ResponseCRM’s managing partner, Kali Brooks, recently stated in an interview about their revolutionary cross sell network integration into their Enterprise CRM software and sales marketing automation Saas and the cross sell networks ability to enrich it’s clients offers,

“ResponseCRM’s cross-sell network works by providing a digital marketing handshake between two advertisers that allow one advertiser to sell it’s products in a complementary environment via another advertisers customers in a post-transaction environment. This creates a sale for the second advertiser along with a commission for the first. That being said, as a business that depends on its clients to be successful, we are always vigilantly looking out for ways to increase our clients profitability. When we can do that by allowing two or more of our clients to profit together, then it creates a very serious when win-win all around”.

In short, ResponseCRM is currently used by some of the world’s largest direct response marketing companies, corporations, small businesses, small start-ups, all the way down to the little guy, being developed as a unique way to allow its clients to work together to achieve a greater profit per customer with less risk and cost.

With business owners constantly seeking new ways to squeeze more money out of their business, ResponseCRM has certainly discovered a unique profit channel for their clients via their innovative cross-sell network. In essence, ResponseCRM’s solutions and the highly experienced and dedicated team of multi-industry power players that run the company, are now proverbial pioneers in what appears to be a fairly new profit channel and market for business competitors to collaborate for maximum business profitability.

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