June 8 2016

ResponseCRM Partners With Cake Marketing Real Time Data Services, a leader in Direct Response Marketing Software, a global solution Internet Marketers use to optimize their marketing funnel, is excited to announce a special Affiliate Ball Meet Up in LA on June 8, 2016, where the headline acts are: Too Short and Money B With Young Hump Of Digital Underground.

“Nothing beats meeting Internet Marketers in person. This event is all about continuing to network and bridge solutions between those in the Direct Response Marketing space and our top-notch CRM solutions.” — ResponseCRM President, Michael Brooks

ResponseCRM continues to expand their CRM solutions for Internet Marketers by upgrading: 

  • Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Open Source Pricing
  • Certifying ResponseCRM Experts

ResponseCRM is known for creating opportunities for those interested in optimizing their marketing funnel. Their mission is to provide Internet Marketers new opportunities that create fresh angles for them to automate their business, leverage smart data, and create more revenue by taking advantage of ResponseCRM’s Open Source Pricing.

What To Expect At The Event:

The Affiliate Ball 2016 Meet Up will take place in Los Angels tonight. The feature guests will be a combination of the musical artists: Too Short and Money B with Young Hump of Digital Underground. If you are interested in attending the event,

If you are interested in attending the event, please sign up here.

The meet up will be a great opportunity to meet industry pros, network, and share solutions in the direct response marketing space.  If you plan on attending please let the ResponseCRM team know — they’re more than happy to talk shop and share value for your Internet Marketing needs.

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