June 14 2016

ResponseCRM Partners With Cake Marketing Real Time Data Services, known for their Open Source Business Model in Direct Response Marketing Software, a global solution leveraged for order and transaction management by Internet Marketers around the world, is proud to announce a new and powerful partnership with

Optimal Lead Management Software

“LeadOutpost is a data management solution built for the direct marketing industry. Very simply, LeadOutpost connects data owners with end users, often times call centers. In real time, we take in leads from websites, CRMs, and databases and send the data to other 3rd party calling platforms. Live reports and lead splitting allow owners the control to adjust lead flow based on volume and conversions with the ultimate goal of getting the most out of each and every lead. It’s a simple solution which ensures speed, security, and efficiency.”— Co-Founder, John Kania.

Everyone in the Direct Response Marketing space knows if you can’t handle high call volumes you will lose sales. Target consumers in this space do buy in bulk online, but an even greater portion pick up the phone to make that final purchase decision. These leads are a top source of revenue for Internet Marketers.

“Being able to control your inbound and outbound sales process is absolutely needed to be successful as a business owner. We partnered with because we recognized and appreciated the amount of control they were offering to their clients. At the end of the day, this type of control equals higher volumes in sales.” — ResponseCRM President, Michael Brooks.

ResponseCRM continues to find solutions that offer:

  • Transparency
  • Consumer Flexibility
  • Quality Interactions
  • The Top Technology in the Industry

As ResponseCRM continues to rapidly expand their solutions it has come very apparent they are on a crusade to offer seamless integrations Internet Marketers can leverage all year long. In this case, leveraging cloud technology allows any business of any size to function at optimal capacity.

Internet Marketers struggling to manage their leads or / and business owners looking to optimize their lead management are advised to look into this solution. A solution that doesn’t make you pick between Quality VS. Quantity but offers both features in a dynamic easy to use system.

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