ResponseCRM Forges Strategic Partnership with Ethoca

May 21 2016

ResponseCRM Partners With Cake Marketing Real Time Data Services


Next Generation, End to End Business Marketing Automation Platform and Enterprise CRM Company, ResponseCRM, Partners With Innovative Global Merchant Service Mitigation and Chargeback Intercept Solutions Provider Ethoca.

ResponseCRM, one of the world’s most secure direct response CRM SAAS and Business Marketing Automation software companies, recently announced a strategic deal with Ethoca, a global anti-fraud, charge back intercept, merchant recovery, and billing risk mitigation platform, which provides real-time fraud and chargeback data to both card issuers and merchants simultaneously, as to intercept chargebacks and reduce the amount of charge backs a business receives.

Merchant Chargeback Intercept and Chargeback Recovery Services

Ethoca’s innovative chargeback management solution provides a unique merchant and card issuer collaboration platform that streamlines real time anti fraud and chargeback data for use in reducing merchant service charge back costs, fraudulent chargeback fees, charge back processing fees, along with the many other overhead costs associated with the entire chargeback, anti fraud, and payment gateway alert and intercept processes, with approximate recovery rates of upwards of 10-15+% of a merchants current chargeback cases.

ResponseCRM and Ethoca’s Strategic Partnership Offers an Innovative ChargeBack Management Service That Reportedly Can Increase Chargeback Recovery Rates, Upwards of 15%!

With this strategic partnership, ResponseCRM will be able to provide their clients with an additional and profitable solution to their payment gateway platform. Ethoca integrates seamlessly with ResponseCRM’s next generation CRM and marketing automation platform, working hand in hand with their cutting edge CRM software, advanced real time sales management, CNP payment and billing management, and PCI1 compliant merchant account data validation service. This powerful additional feature is just one of the many unique benefits of ResponseCRM’s next generation direct response marketing automation platform and Enterprise CRM software system.

A spokesperson for ResponseCRM recently stated in an interview,

“Ethoca’s real-time merchant data validation services and proprietary transaction reporting platform, and in culmination with ResponseCRM, together offer a revolutionary system for direct response marketers and advertisers to substantially decrease the amount of fraudulent charges, charge back costs, double fulfillment orders while maintaining their brand and increasing profits. ResponseCRM already offers PCI1 Compliant payment gateway systems, state of the art encryption technologies, innovative charge back solutions, along with a large number of other 3rd party partner integrations. ResponseCRM is consistently seeking out cutting edge, strategic industry partners as we are constantly striving to provide our clients with one of the most user-friendly, secure, flexible, and profitable real time direct response marketing, CRM, and payment gateway systems”.

In a world where identity theft, fraud, and stolen credit cards run rampant, it is innovative companies like ResponseCRM and Ethoca that contribute to the technological evolution of security and efficiency for the merchant account, payment gateway,business and marketing automation, CRM, ERP, and e-commerce software industries.

About ResponseCRM™

ResponseCRM™ offers a wide range of e-commerce solutions, marketing software, merchant payment gateway services, and anti-fraud/chargeback systems within their proprietary, all inclusive, direct response marketing CRM system. ResponseCRM was created by a team of highly motivated and an extremely knowledgeable direct response development engineers, direct response marketers and advertisers, digital marketers, data analysts, and prominent business savvy entrepreneurs to bridge the gaps of managing entire direct response marketing and advertising campaigns from one intuitive, consolidated, secure, and real time reporting dashboard.

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About Ethoca-
Ethoca is a Merchant-Issuer Collaboration service, that has utilized consumers to help bring the Ethoca Merchant Chargeback Network to fruition. Ethoca is an innovator in the way merchants and issuers to work together to intercept, manage, and reduce a business owner’s chargeback rates. Their clients leverage the Ethoca Network to “Turn costly missed opportunities into more stopped fraud, no chargebacks and higher revenue”.

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