June 1 2016

ResponseCRM Partners With Cake Marketing Real Time Data Services, a trailblazer in Direct Response Marketing Software, a global solution leveraged for order and transaction management as well as being a go-to solution for Internet Marketers, is pleased to announce a once in a lifetime event at the Affiliate Ball during the Affiliate Summit where the headline acts are Snoop Dogg and Gary Vaynerchuck.

“…We’re about making real connections, with real people while providing cost effective, actionable solutions for each other. That’s why we jumped at the chance to help out at this event.” — ResponseCRM President, Michael Brooks.

The Affiliate Summit exists to share industry secrets on how to create angles and new opportunities for business owners to increase their revenue and monetize their current marketing efforts. At its core, the event is about drawing a clear roadmap business owners can follow to form companies that develop legacies while providing products and solutions customers care about.

The Event Will Feature:

Gary Vaynerchuck, known for taking his family wine business and growing it from $3M to $60M in just five years. These days, he runs VaynerMedia, is an angel investor (funding companies like Facebook, Uber, and Tumblr) and motivational speaker.

Snoop Dogg is globally known as a musician with a long and successful career. He has been nominated for over 90 music awards including the BET Awards (which he won) and American Music Award (which he also won).

This exclusive event will also provide unique opportunities to network with affiliate industry pros. Networking is a huge reason why ResponseCRM is co-sponsoring this event. The team at ResponseCRM believes, networking leads to conversations where actionable solutions can be shared.

Beyond this event and in a continued effort to provide actionable solutions for business owners looking to thrive in the Affiliate Marketing space, ResponseCRM planned and executed the following tactics:

  • Open Source Software.
  • ZERO setup charges.
  • ZERO monthly fees.

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