July 1 2016

ResponseCRM Partners With Cake Marketing Real Time Data Services

July 1, 2016: Las Vegas, Nevada., an industry frontrunner in Direct Response Marketing Software, a tool Internet Marketers use to drive and manage their business, is excited to announce NEW Direct Response Certifications.

“Our goal has always been to provide the best user experienced possible. We quickly realized having certifications in place to help our clients optimize their efforts wasn’t just needed, but a required feature we proudly offer.” ResponseCRM President, Michael Brooks.

Certification Requirements:

In order to qualify to be ResponseCRM certified, candidates must have experience working in the direct response space, have a strong and proven background in marketing, be at least a junior in the industry and undergo intensive 2-3 week ResponseCRM Training Program.

These new qualifications have been implemented to provide the best direct response service on the market. Unlike other Direct Response Software Companies, ResponseCRM does not force its clients to hire their team of experts. Instead, a pool of certified ResponseCRM freelancers are presented for clients to leverage.

Each certified ResponseCRM freelancer has worked on projects directly under the President of ResponseCRM.

“Everyone we refer we’ve worked with and tested firsthand. We only use the best so that we can provide the best. Our open source business model gives us the freedom to do this successfully.”ResponseCRM President, Michael Brooks.

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