ADSUM 2017

November 28 2017

ResponseCRM Partners With Cake Marketing Real Time Data Services

Took a break from the usual conference circuit of New York and Las Vegas and visited a new luxurious city! The A-players and the best of the best attended the industry event in Aspen, CO Dec. 8th – 10th this past year. ADSUM is the first performance marketing conference designed exclusively for Advertisers by Advertisers. The conference brought together top online advertisers and vendors to discuss advanced industry techniques. Response CRM along with other A-players attended ADSUM; our founder and CEO Michael Brooks, spoke at the industry event!

ADSUM was built on 3 core principles:

  1. STRATEGIES – Get access to relevant content about every aspect, like finance, marketing, optimization and operations of your business, that you won’t find anywhere else – so you can take the short path to success!
  2. ALLIANCES – Want to exponentially increase the chances of gaining more market share and ultimately more profit? Learn to harness the power of your network’s resources, by building alliances.
  3. CONNECTIONS – Knowledge is power, and you won’t find this stuff anywhere else…the more people you know who are highly connected and successful, the greater your chances of accessing trade secrets, resources, and deals not available to the general public!

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