The secret to our success is our Open Source Pricing Model. From the ground up it shapes how we help Internet Markets around the globe increase their revenue.

Our vision for our CRM was to position our team of Certified Marketing Experts to feel comfortable sharing solutions withs clients and enjoying their lives beyond the office. We believe in our staff and trust their judgment when it comes to getting the job done.

We also know that accountability, efficiency, and ownership are important elements for any business to truly succeed. This is why we offer stock options. Our company rewards those leading producers who work with us, and we do this often. We use results as the basis for rewards, not how long a person has been with the company.

Because we are a fast-paced company, we are searching for the best and brightest to join our team of professionals in the Direct Response Marketing Space. If you are looking for a true chance at a long-term career, and not just another job, contact us today and let’s discuss your goals and desires.

The simple truth is, you have one life to live. Why not make the best of it by working with some of the BEST in the industry.

The Faces Of ResponseCRM

Michael Brooks - President
Michael Brooks


If Michael Brooks were to give you one piece of advice, he would tell you the same thing he tells his two children: Only let good people into your life. Whether it’s in your personal life or business, every second, every moment, and every dollar is an investment.

Kali Brooks - Executive Vice President
Kali Brooks

Executive Vice President

Kali co-developed ResponseCRM to support her growing client and partner bases in the direct marketing and eCommerce arenas. For 10 years and counting, she has passionately and relentlessly been delivering top-notch experiences, technology, and services to business owners around the world.

Behzad “Buzz” Sharifi - Vice President, Operations
Behzad “Buzz” Sharifi

Vice President, Operations

Behzad “Buzz” is the ambassador of getting it done. he has been with the ResponseCRM team for more than five years, supporting the launching of over 750 client campaigns. To describe Buzz in nine words: A detailed devotion to getting the job done right.

Mike Glezos - Solutions Architect Director
Mike Glezos

Solutions Architect Director

Our original solutions architect, Mike is a maven in Web, eCommerce and Internet Marketer who consistently operates at 110%. Mike is creative, technical, professional and backed by a solid, verifiable career track producing custom digital solutions.

Alexey Zubarev - Lead Developer
Alexey Zubarev

Lead Developer

Alex has a master’s degree in computer numeric control. He is a digital executioner he is that talented, possessing killer instincts building flexible, scalable, quality code.

Pavel Koshelev - Senior developer
Pavel Koshelev

Senior Developer

Pavel has more than 15 years of extensive experience with PHP, HTML, CSS, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, and more. With a passion and reliable code, he can code his way in or out of anything. Pavel is all about the API. When it absolutely must be done on a deadline, Pavel never misses.

Mark Lovino - Account Manager
Mark Lovino

Account Manager

Mark has a successful track record in administration, account management, and customer service. He is a skilled and knowledgeable individual that is here to bring client campaigns ready to market helping them to achieve their highest sales and profits possible.

Kirk Deis

Head Of Marketing

Kirk is a Marketing Guru who bridges creative solutions with the data. Think of him as the Idea Man with a plan. Some solutions he brings to the table are content creation, data analytics, PPC Campaigns, social media, and email marketing — to name a few. Drop him a line he’s easy to talk with.

Igor Babenko - Senior developer
Igor Babenko

Senior Developer

Igor sports 12-plus years in developing large-scale applications on client/server platforms. Addicted to automation, Igor codes with pride and passion. Oh yeah, Igor also possesses a master’s degree in computer science.

Alex Fomin - Senior developer
Alex Fomin

Senior Developer

Aleksey is a talented engineer and developer with an unparalleled skill of solving problems and inventing unique, and ingenious solution. With a master’s degree in computer design, he is a highly valued developer.

Larry Miller - Investor/Director
Larry Miller


Larry Miller is a successful retailer, marketer, entrepreneur and a Southern California icon. His business acumen and guidance provide a strategic advantage and serve as a necessary fixture of the company’s growing and stable success.

Pinakin Bhise - Investor/Director
Pinakin Bhise


Pinakin has developed numerous successful international businesses in several industries, including electronic marketing and international dating. He is known around the office for providing valuable insight 24/7.

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